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5 Ways to Help Overcome a Negative Mindset, aka 'The Critter Brain'

clarity ebook freedom to live better functionbtr Feb 04, 2022

Can you relate to this?  It's January 1st and you're ready to make some significant changes in life so you create a new resolution list complete with eating healthy and working out regularly.  Or, in the height of summertime, you set a target for September 1st as the time to focus on cleaning up the body from the fun of patio drinks and vacation eating.

January passes, September arrives. We tried. We stopped. The hamster wheel of unsuccessful attempts continues.

Why does this keep happening?

We continue to try and break down the why, accept the how with no success.

If we consider the common denominator of the why and how it comes down to the act of a limiting belief system. The critter brain. The involuntary part of the subconscious mind that says you can’t, you’re not capable, only other people can do it and not me.

The other reality to consider is the actions taken to achieve those desired goals were most likely self-sabotaging from the beginning. They were never going to be achievable because they were never designed specifically for you but rather by what societal trends say you need.

What you should do to make lasting changes in life should align with the root of who you are.

Rather than jumping on the Bootcamp bandwagon, figure out who you are, what you’re capable of managing, what drives you, and what best suits you to achieve change that will last your lifetime. Do your goals align with what you truly desire?

In Brené Brown’s new book ‘Atlas of the Heart’ she describes what many of us are doing when it comes to our emotions and knowing what we need.  Consider this excerpt from her book:

‘On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m feeling my emotions at about 10, I’m paying attention to them at about 5, and I understand them at about 2.’

If we don’t understand why we feel the way we feel, or why we are doing what we’re doing, how can we succeed in a positive path of change that we seek?

Let’s consider some actionable steps you can take right now.

Understanding the Subconscious Brain

Our brain involuntarily thinks just like our heart involuntarily beats.  On average the brain goes into random thought every four seconds.  We can’t stop our involuntary thoughts, just like we can’t stop the beats of our hearts.  But unlike the heart, we can catch ourselves in those involuntary thoughts and redirect them.

From a quantum physics perspective, our bodies are 99.999999% energy. On a molecular level, your mind has the ability to elevate either the positive or negative ions in the body. If the mind is allowed to live in a negative space, generating elevated negative ions, then a negative energy field develops around us. In turn, we subconsciously look for the negative around us.

Have you had the experience where you decided you were going to buy a certain car (or replace this with any big purchase), and then you start seeing that same make and model on the roads more than you ever noticed in the past? That is an example of the power of the mind and the law of attraction.

How can you redirect the mind?  A good habit is to pause and focus on your breath 5 to 15 minutes per day, aim for 2 times per day.  Once when you first wake up, and at some point before bed.  Focus on your breath, don’t worry your mind will wander, but rather when you notice this happening redirect your brain to your breath. Use daily mindful affirmation cards for a positive word or thought, that you can say out loud or in your head with your relaxation breath. 

Re-evaluate the Term ‘Goal’

The term ‘goal’ for many means there’s an end, you crossed the finish line so you can stop doing the work. When we reach a goal, like a certain weight or clothing size, we can't then just stop everything we did to get there and think those changes will stick. We live in a world where tough choices are put in front of us each day. We have to find a way to make the right choice come with ease.

Instead set targets. Maintaining those targets is most often easier than the journey to reach them because you will have created enjoyable habits along the way. You may find you crave exercise and it's easy to choose the salad over fries because the effort you've put into yourself has made you become more aware of the positive impacts of exercise and food on your physical and mental state.

Do You Feel Worthy?

Get to know who you are. What is your current belief system, how do you perceive your worth? Start changing your thoughts. 



Start writing at least three things each day you're worthy of feeling, experiencing, and achieving.

Perfection Does Not Exist

'Perfection is the mountain that has no peak' - Emma Norris

Seeking perfection is a subconscious technique used to sabotage success.

I’ll start my meal plan next week when I have more time.

I can’t fit in an hour workout now, so I won’t bother with it today.

I ate a whole chocolate bar today and ruined my eating program, so I may as well just give up.

There is no such thing as perfect, we are all flawed. What makes us stronger is recognizing this and finding paths around the roadblocks the critter brain tries to set before us.

Who’s Your Trusted Support Network

Find a support network that you can lean into when you move in and out of waves of doubt. Have a code, as simple as a specific Emoji you can send a trusted individual when you need help. It’s not always easy reaching out with words. A great support person or network is one that will listen, offer reassurance, and advise only when you feel you can take that on.  Sometimes simply saying how we’re feeling out loud is a good release.

How can LivBTR Wellness Solutions help you?

We offer tools to help you surpass your critter brain and limited belief system.  From self-directed workbooks to our Freedom to Live Better full-service program. Unsure what you need, but know you need support? Book a consult call with LivBTR CEO and Life Coach, Brenley Cunningham.

 - written by Krista Dennett, LivBTR Wellness Specialist


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