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Core and Pelvic Floor with Krista Dennett

Krista is a Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist with over 7 years of experience of exercise rehabilitation in pelvic health.  She currently works as a physical therapist support worker prescribing targeted exercise rehabilitation programs for women under the guidance of a pelvic floor physical therapist.

You can stop leaking, stop hip/back pain, eliminate the feeling of pressure on your pelvic floor, lose the mummy tummy, gain confidence in your body again ... and Krista will help you learn how.

PLUS learn how training your inner core can more efficiently build that sought after 6-pack!

In this mini-course, Krista covers the importance of understanding women's anatomy and changes to our pelvic health at all stages of life.
What you'll get:
  • Over 3 hours of video instructions covering aspects of pelvic floor muscle training
  • Learn what forms the inner core muscles and their function in movement and exercise
  • Learn the foundational ABCs of training the pelvic floor and inner core with alignment, breath and contraction
  • How to coordinate the ABCs in exercise and movement
  • Understand sources and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, and how we can eliminate symptoms including leaking, pressure, and pain
  • An introduction to the release-retrain exercise rehabilitation process and how movements vary depending on symptoms of dysfunction
  • Learn about diastasis recti, and how you can self-assess your core function
  • Other dysfunctions covered include incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, hypertonic (overactive) pelvic floor, low back and hip pain
  • How to adapt your exercises when working on eliminating symptoms of dysfunction

As a special bonus, I've created two strength training routines focusing on abs and core to show you how I train the inner core, in turn allowing the body to work smarter not harder to create strength and tone.

Please note that this is a one time purchase that only gives you access to this Mini-Course, and does not offer access to our many other classes provided by LivBTR.