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I am voluntarily taking part in this program and release DripFit/LivBTR Wellness Solutions and its instructors of any liability.  In signing this waiver and taking part in the challenge I am agreeing to take full responsibility for any current limitation or health risks.  I understand there may be adverse health consequences if I surpass my personal ability or the health limitations my physician has recommended.  I agree to self limit my exertion through good judgement and stop any physical activity that I feel exceeds my personal capabilities.  

I understand that it is my responsibility to continue medical evaluations from a physician to determine there are no physical limitations or medical conditions that could be aggravated by physical activity.

In agreeing to this form, I agree to participate in the DripFit/LivBTR challenge at my own risk.  I understand that my instructor will supply me with as much knowledge and information as he/she can to ensure. safe workout environment.  

I hereby release DripFit, LivBTR & my instructor from any liability, injury, or property damage/loss sustained due to, or as a result of my participation in this program. 

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Enjoy this ALL-ACCESS ON DEMAND membership to add some variety to your health and fitness regime!  From taking a running class to developing your stretch in motion in yoga, high intensity training to mommy and me sessions, we've got you covered with all kinds of classes that are sure to help you have fun while reaching your goals.

What you'll get:

  • LEARN: Join our live and recorded webinars on all things health to learn directly from our certified professionals.
  • CUSTOMIZE: Mix and match recorded and live classes to develop a workout and recovery routine that best matches your life.
  • SUCCEED: When fitness becomes fun again, it puts the power back in your hands!  LivBTR On-Demand makes getting sweaty fun again!

We’re proud to provide you with a diverse schedule of classes that you can mix and match to meet your schedule and mood each day!