These days, we want things at the snap of our fingers -- and were here to give you just that. At a time when it’s harder to book your gym time or even just leave the house, we bring fitness to you, and an apparelled community of support. You choose your workout and intensity; we take it from there, and don’t let you give up on your goals.

Join LivBTR™ On-Demand


Join our live and recorded webinars on all things health to learn directly from our certified professionals.


Mix and match recorded and live classes to develop a workout and recovery routine that best matches your life.


When fitness becomes fun again, it puts the power back in your hands!  LivBTR On-Demand makes getting sweaty fun again!

We’re proud to provide you with a diverse schedule of classes

We offer yoga, Kangoo jumps, and HIIT; full body, lower body, booty, upper body and core workouts; toning, tightening, sculpting, fat loss, and stretching workouts. Classes range from 10 to 45 minutes long, and are offered at all levels from beginner to advanced.

Our goal is to help you train your body in the way that’s best for you, and we encourage clients to send in photos and get a full postural assessment. We offer training in basics and best practices–like proper breathing, positioning, and technique. They’re all available on demand…get a pass, so you can have access to them all!