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Inside Fitness Magazine Featured Workout with Brenley

Ready to push yourself with LivBTR™ and achieve your best life?  As seen in Inside Fitness Magazine Summer 2021, here's the full length video to her featured workout.

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Gut Reset Program

Are you looking for increased energy, improved immune system, reduction of inflammation, optimal hormone production, better sleep, better skin, better sex? Seems like a dream, right?

Whether you're dealing with food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, or autoimmune issues; food, and the right kind of food, is necessary to restore and repair the body’s balance.

The 30-Day Gut Reset Program is coming SPRING 2022 with the focus leading into December on healthy foods and eating, an optional supplement-based cleanse, recipes, and a full guide to creating a healthy gut.

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Freedom to Live Better

Designed to help you create new habits, new mindsets, uncover a new understanding of who you are, and give you tools to become the person you want to be!

If you're feeling stuck, out of sorts or unsure how to take the next steps alone then this is the program for you!

 We are accepting 20 participants to the next 30-Day Freedom to Live Better course starting February 14th.

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Hormone Reset 30-Day Program

Are you experiencing chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue?  Having trouble losing weight?

Hormone Reset is a comprehensive understanding of how your hormones work, what happens when they are not balanced, and how to optimize hormone functioning with your activity, food, supplementation, and environment. 

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Core & Pelvic Floor Health

Embarrassing leakage, chronic low back or hip pain, pubic pain or painful intercourse, a weak feeling core, feeling of pressure, or something is falling out ... these are symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction and you DO NOT have to live with them!  Learn exercises to address and eliminate these life-alternating issues in this course with Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist, Krista Dennett.

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Yoga Fundamentals

Join LivBTR Instructor Michael Toru in this 11 part mini-course takes you through the foundations of yoga that will help you master the basics you need to go take your own yoga class, try more advanced classes on our On-Demand, or perhaps just use it to supplement your mobility in another program you're participating in!

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Book a consultation call with one of our LivBTR coaches to discuss, assess, and get insight on your posture, running, post-hormone assessment, or have your general wellness questions answered on a 30 MINUTE consult call!

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